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Audience Generation

PeerAudience recognizes that many organizations are able to create high-quality CME content aimed at improving patient care and clinical outcomes. However, this content is of little use without the right audience to benefit from it.

We help clients maximize the impact of their online CME initiatives by ensuring participation from the most appropriate audiences and providing guaranteed, transparent results. We create custom audience generation campaigns based on our clients' accredited content, targeting audiences by both specialty and geographic location.

How we target

By Geography

You can select US-only physicians, or professionals from other countries around the world

  • 3.5M physicians reached on average
  • 800K+ US members

By Specialty

You can choose the medical specialties that matter most for your educational activity

  • We can target any AMA physician specialty or other allied healthcare worker
  • 30+ medical specialties served

What we guarantee

Data-Rich Outcomes

You receive frequent updates on the progress of your activity participation, with details on the specific professionals who’ve participated.

We are also happy to collaborate, as needed, with external outcomes companies to ensure you get high-caliber metrics and results to showcase to your supporters.

Grant Dollar Efficiency

You only pay for recruitment from the professionals you’ve selected – not from any other “filler” participants.


PeerAudience understands that converting words on paper into an effective digital learning experience can be a challenge for time-starved companies. We offer multiple, easy-to-use hosting options that work with almost any kind of educational design. Our latest technology ensures your CME is accessible and optimized for learners whether they are on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Multi-Screen, Device Agnostic Technology

Our hosted programs are all created using responsive design, so they optimally display on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC monitors. Programmed in HTML5, they are compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, and more. We have a hosting solution for almost any type of CME content, including:

A Full-Service Solution

When you partner with us for your hosting needs, the following services are included to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary work on your end:

  • A dedicated team consisting of an experienced project manager and expert programmers
  • Electronic and printable certificate fulfillment
  • Clear and easy-to-understand data reports
Data Gathering

PeerAudience knows that what our clients need to succeed is data – and lots of it! It is essential that sponsors and supporters of medical education know that the education they produce is meeting bona fide educational needs, as well as making a positive impact on the learners.

Needs Assessments

Do you need additional data or support to assist with securing grant funding? Primary research and specific data points can justify why your activity will ultimately improve patient outcomes. Our data services include surveys, research, and detailed customized reporting. PeerAudience can be a resourceful extension of your team.

Activity Outcomes

Whether you’re working with us only for audience generation, or if you’re also taking advantage of one of our unique hosting solutions, we are 100% committed to providing a level of detailed information that will surely impress your activity’s sponsors and supporters.

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