Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients successfully deliver CME to targeted clinicians, improving patient outcomes.

Audience Generation

Audience Generation

We reach and engage the right learners for your activities through exclusive access to a dedicated global network of 5.1M+ physicians and allied healthcare professionals along with hundreds of digital assets.



Let us host your entire activity — from pre-test to certificate fulfillment — using any of our flexible sizes and formats.

CME Enhancement

CME Enhancement

Take the pulse of your target audience with needs assessment surveys, expand the scope of outcomes reports with additional survey data, or reinforce core concepts with trigger-based follow-up emails.

Audience Generation

Many organizations create high quality CME content that could improve patient care and clinical outcomes. But their content can’t fulfill its potential without the right audience. We help clients maximize the impact of their medical education by ensuring participation from the audiences most likely to impact patient outcomes, with the ability to target health care professionals by specialty, occupation, relevant condition, or geographic location.

How We Target

By Specialty

Choose to target any one of 30+ AMA physician specialties

By Profession

Choose to target physicians, nurses, pharmacists, or other health care professionals

By Condition

Choose to target combined groups of clinicians active in the treatment of several specific therapeutic areas

By Geography

Choose to target the 2.6M+ US-based physicians or the 5.1M+ global physicians in our network

What We Guarantee

Data Rich Outcomes

Receive frequent updates on the progress of your activity, with details on the specific professionals who’ve participated


You only pay for participation from the professionals you’ve selected, not from “filler” participants


PeerAudience will host your entire activity — including pre-test, content, post-test, evaluation, and certificate fulfillment — using any of our flexible sizes and formats.

All of our hosted programs are created using responsive design, ensuring that your CME is compatible with any operating system — Apple, Android, Windows — and optimally displayed on any device — smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

We have a hosting solution for almost any type of CME content, including:

  • Video and Interactive Q&A
  • Slide Presentations with Audio Narration
  • Linear Case Studies
  • Series-Based Learning
  • Textual Reports
  • Downloadable Tools
  • On-Demand Polling

CME Enhancement

Needs Assessment Surveys

Take the pulse of your target audience before submitting a grant and increase the odds of its being accepted. Successful grant applications that have benefited from our needs assessment surveys may be eligible for discounts and credits on our audience generation services.

Outcomes Measurement Surveys

Go beyond the basics of your outcomes reports with additional survey data and provide your supporters with a deeper look at what participants learned.

Trigger-Based Email

Ensure that the key educational objectives from your activity are reinforced through repetition and follow-up emails. Participants will automatically receive an email outlining the core concepts your activity was designed to communicate.


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